The sourcing of raw materials is a great responsibility that we are happy to take on. Metalnet offers its clients fair, ethical and environmentally friendly raw materials.

Our strong corporate philosophy and our Responsible Supply Chain Management (RSCM) purchasing guidelines, which are applied worldwide, ensure that we only buy and sell certified, conflict-free raw materials.

Sustainable practices help improve worker safety at mining operations, as well as improve the quality of life for people who live near mining operations.

Local communities

The benefits of sustainability in the mining industry are numerous. It helps to reduce the environmental impact of mining operations, as sustainable practices can help reduce water and air pollution, as well as reduce the amount of waste and energy consumption produced by mining operations.

Sustainable Mining improve the quality of life for people living near. We engage with local communities to understand their needs and build mutual trust and respect.


The mining industry in Venezuela has been a major contributor to the country’s economy for decades. In recent years, the Venezuelan government has taken steps to increase investment in the mining industry and to ensure that it is properly regulated.

The government has put in place measures such as taxes, incentives, and regulations in order to ensure that the benefits of mining activities are shared among all citizens.